Entrance to the Gardens of Death EP 2012 & Portals [demo 2011]

by Aegeon

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Steve Jr. The 3rd
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Steve Jr. The 3rd Hopeless, raw, and brutal. Apocalyptic. Vocals tear into you like cat claws. Riffs drape over your soul like reminders that we are mere mortals. This is perfect. Opening track alone will pummel your mind with hellish sounds. A near perfect release.
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1. The 13th Eclipse
2. Forbidden Entrance to the Gardens of Death
3. Journey from the Past
4. Pierced Wings
5. Black Marble Portals of Misery
6. At the Endless Bridge Forever He Shall Wander
7. Gathering Around the Black Oasis


released September 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Aegeon Helsinki, Finland

Black Metal from Finland

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Track Name: The 13th Eclipse
Roots of the nemesis growing within me
Sorcery cast – in the sign of Azrael
Nine tailed creature – the messenger from below

Old runes are spoken
The winds of nemesis inside me
Winged one brings the 13th eclipse
Rites from the lost dimension

Eight handed wanderer seen on the starless sky
I saw a reflection of my formless appearance
The burning one with seven tongues awaken
Smoothly I am drain into the stream of time

Distant thin figures in the mirror
Drowning into the flooding fields
Death slowly dancing amongst them
Poisonous tunes of the endtime

Yes, I was dancing along
And the grimace turned into a grin
I am the rain and the paradise
I am the way and the compromise

Hear their chants...
Track Name: Forbidden Entrance to the Gardens of Death
I drift away
Into the world beyond
the contrast between the reality and the subconsciousness fades
With every step I go further
From the cold valleys of my memories
Drowning in the frozen shores I carry within me

Dozens of deaths just to wake all again
Deep in the chasm in darkness I dwell
In the halls of the dead stars

Their torches in the dark
Burning my wounds
The masquerade of shadows
I summon the death upon me

Freezing yet bleeding, black thorns on my flesh
Lost between memories and the gardens of death
I drift into the void

Their torches in the dark
Burning my wounds
The masquerade of shadows
I summon the death upon me

Bitter and cold
Denied by death
I drift into the void
Track Name: Journey from the Past
All these old statues
and their weird silhouettes
On this autumnal darkness
They reflect the image of the lost world

This is the altar made of fear
a true form of pain in it's glory
Like a shapeless beast rejoicing of the misery
suffocating the light from the joyless sky

Torrents have raped this soil
Leaving the land desolated and cold
Swallowed by the earth are the towers
The lost memorials of the past tragedy

Reality tangled in the shades of gray
Bitter are those whose empty eyes stare from the dark
My journey begins here from this decayed land
Godless - Only the heritage of the dying
Track Name: Black Marble Portals of Misery
Endless are these crevasses, which are sharing the darkness with you
Unmerciful are the pale hands of grief that are holding you in their grip
Rust coloured are the drops of blood on those writhing faces around you
Shrinking back and disappearing again into the depths
From the cradle to the twilight you have languished in this web of misery
And your ragged wings cannot carry you away anymore
Black marble portals everywhere, leading forever to the starting point
Eternal escaping increases the horror, driving you to the gates of insanity
Reaching for the heavens your hands are wandering about searching for a grip
With your nails bleeding you find your efforts to climb away futile
Laughing mockingly the madness shows new false possibilities
Twisting your senses and increasing your hope of the salvation that will never come
Trapped you are eternally in that hell of your own
And that hell of yours is the art of my mind